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Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

The hippest thing to hit the coasts has been around for years but we have perfected it! Makes you scream for more because it’s MUCH COOLER. It’s the new trend that has top chefs everywhere interested in molecular gastronomy. It's...freezing ice cream with liquid nitrogen which makes the creamiest, densest, and most wonderful ice cream. Yes, we have brought it by using the finest and freshest dairy ingredients possible, and the highest quality flavorings available.

The two main advantages of our freezing technique are that it allows us to make a dense yet smooth product. Most ice cream is whipped up with air, as much as 50% by volume! That means with most ice creams you're gettin a lot of empty space. Our ice cream is the smoothest because of the speed of freezing. Using liquid nitrogen freezes the ice cream in less than 2 minutes. The result is a product that is just unbelievably smooth and absolutely delicious!

Come check out our gastronomical list of flavors including our most popular, Espresso, Dulce de Leche, Strawberries and Cream, Rocky Road, Razzelberry, Smores, Snickers, Lemon Delight, Butter Pecan, Chocolate Toffee and of course the Vanilla Bean. Don't forget to stop by the amazing toppings bar too.

We can also make awesome sorbets and gelatos and have amazing float stations!

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